Why use a Recruitment Agency?

Solid reasons to work with an agency and things firms need to know

Deciding to use a specialist recruitment agency can seem like daunting experience but if you talk to those who have found the right agency, they will tell you that they have never regretted their actions. Here are just a few insights to guide you to make the right decision for your firm.


Time is money – use a specialist

How many times have you heard the saying “a good accountant pays for himself”. This is true of a great recruiter. Of course, there is a cost involved but it is out in the open, whereas trying to manage the entire process “in-house” can hide the true extent of the expenses involved.

Remember about the time it takes to write the job description (especially if it isn’t something you do every day), paying for all those specialist job boards, reviewing CVs, conducting interviews (praying you get it right) and handling the complete process. If you lack a dedicated in-house facility, it can be an unwanted distraction for all of those involved.  There is a reason so much in business is outsourced, it saves money, time and much hassle.

Obtain a head start on your competition

In sectors such as IT there is a major skills shortage in UK and wider Europe, making it harder to find and attract talent. By using a specialist recruiter that knows your market, you will get access to their contacts, as well as the benefit of their experience as to how the market is doing. 

How to get the very best from your recruiter

There is undoubtedly a wealth of knowledge and expertise that a specialist recruiter can bring to your organisation, but it is a symbiotic relationship. Here are some things that you can do that will really help them to deliver the very best job for you.

Use a specialist recruiter

When looking for candidates with a specific skill set, then it makes common sense to engage with an agency. One of the major tasks company recruiters face is that they must be a ‘Jack of all trades’, one minute looking for a new Receptionist, the next a Senior Java Developer.

Always discuss your comprehensive briefing

An agency consultant will want to know your exact requirements for the position to be filled and are proficient at taking a comprehensive brief. Help by being open, unafraid to share confidential information that will help them to deliver. All professional recruiters will be more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Trust is the key to any relationship and this is no different when engaging a recruiter.

You must “sell” your company to get the best people!

You must be aware that the people you are looking for are in short-supply and in demand by your competitors who are considering multiple opportunities. 

You need to be able to “sell” your company. The more you can do to make your recruiter a powerful brand ambassador, the better they will perform for you.  Long gone are the days when an interview process is all about asking them why they should come and work for you.  It needs to be a two-way process with both sides selling each other for mutual gain.

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